Monday, September 7, 2009

House Dromian Finds A Home

I was pleasantly surprised today when I received a transmission on the 85's console. It seems that House Dromiean has a home once more. Upon arrival, I found the new Dromiean station to be an exquisite structure, and I commend Atragon and whoever may have assisted him in constructing it. Though slightly barren, admittedly, the station is still fully functional as a gathering and meeting place for out house. The station itself, as you can see in the image above, it a large stone and crystal structure positioned above a small planet.

The station seems quite functional, with multiple TARDIS landing spots, transmat system, and even an Alteran wormhole transport system (otherwise known as a Stargate). While not exactly stocked on furnishings, it does offer splendid views from the various balconies and walkways.

The new meeting hall is especially nice. Located at the top floor of the station, it features a large floating crystal chandelier which looks beautiful in my opinion. I look forward to our first meeting in this new place.