Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Council Meets

The New Gallifrey Council held another meeting lately. It was slightly short notice, but there was still a decent attendance rate. The meeting itself started off with a bit of good news: Apparently the resurgant Dalek Empire has hit a stall, as they seemed to have completely vanished from the grid. Indications are they were either attacked or had one of their experiments blow up in their faces. Still, this puts an end to a possible organized Dalek threat for the time being, though independant rogues could still be out there.
However, this news was slightly downturned by an object Cardinal Gears presented: a cybermat of local origin that he discovered in the Steelhead area. This could possibly mean a Cyberman presence in SL space, though there are no indications whether this was the work of a group of rogues or a larger, more organized group of Cybermen. Hopefully its the former, but either way, its a cause for concern.
Other topics discussed included the zombie plauge affecting the Babbage area, though we were largly advised to stay out of that officially, and a similar outbreak in the Who Island region.
Other minor topics included the introduction of the new Arcallian Cardinal, and a motion to include house banners in the Panopticon lobby.