Saturday, June 27, 2009

Events Heat Up In New Babbage

Well, that was certainly interesting... The remains of the militia gathered today and made a strike against the captured headquarters building, retaking it and nearly capturing Ashiko Kuroe in the process.

Captain Kuroe
Unfortunatly, it seems he was able to take a hostage, and he and his associates fled aboard an airship to city hall. I myself arrived just prior to the attack, and unfortunatly so did Doctor O's right hand man, Mr. Merricks. Merricks was knocked unconcious only, luckily. I decided to make sure he was spared by helping him out of the area, and over to city hall, ironically. There we met up with Kuroe, who announced his intentions to return to Armada Breakaway and abandon New Babbage for now. On their way out of the city's waters, I assume they dropped off Mr Merricks back at the doctor's obervatory.
I was questioned by pursuing members of the militia, however they identified me as neutral and sent me on my way. Curious to how things would fare for the Obolensky forces, however, I used the underwater tunnels to return to the Doctor's lair, once again running into Mr. Merricks and a couple of the doctor's other associates. Though it appears that though the resistance has managed to retake about 2/3rds of the city, Obolensky's naval admiral is bringing in a fleet that could mean a possible quick end to the uprising...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ah well...

Mr. Merricks did indeed turn out to be the source I'd hoped, however he informed me that the time machine had been stolen from the Doctor during the theft, and had not been seen since. (He also alluded to the belief that time trave was a false science...hmph). Thus this pretty much concludes my investigation. Obolensky desn't posess time travel, thus could not have used it to aid in his current conquest.

However, I believe I will stick around to monitor events in New Babbage, if only to be sure Ms. Knight doesn't do anything too overt... Plus, I've always prefered watching history unfold at a normal pace, instead of jumping forward and back through it with the 85. Though I might not get the complete picture, at least its more fun not knowing what happens.

In other events, I took the liberty of purchasing a suit from one of the many fine shops in the city, as the jacket and shit that were part of it went smashingly with my waistcoat and scarf. Here I am showing of its smashingness next to one of the many Smashy clank guards.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lead from the Library

A lead at last! While speaking with a couple people in the Palaeozoic Museum, they mentioned that the person most likely to know what happened to the time machine would be the owner of the library itself. Logical, and I kick myself for not thinking of it before. Ms. Knight and I then went to the library itself, and while the owner was not there, we did find the address for her place of business. Going there, we also failed to find her, but luckily I was able to leave her a note in the building's mailbox.
Later, I recieved her worrying reply. Apparently the time machine had never been recovered, and there was rumors that Obolensky had used it at least once... This confirms that Obolensky stole the machine and may still have it in his posession. However, before I take any sort of action, I'll need to be sure. While asking the doctor directly may be foolhardy, I believe that one of his henchmen, Mr. Merrick specifically, may be more open to questions.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Missing Machine, Present Luck

My search for the missing time machine continues, though thus far has been mostly fruitless. A the library records were not easy to look through, as attempting to search for articles about a time machine only seemed to lead to an article about the presentation of one in the Aethernautical Society building, but a check there revealed nothing. On my way back to where I had left the 85 when I ran into Ms. Knight and her companion Chris Farina.

We had a...tense exchange of words before she continued on, and things might have ended there had Mr. Merrik, one of Obolensky's minions, not been following them. Concerned, I followed HIM, until I was accidental spotted. We had a tense standoff of Sonic blaster vs. projectile pistol for a while, before Ms. Knight showed up again. Talking our way out of that, we compared notes. It seemed she had attracted the attention of Mr. Merrik by asking questions about the current regime change.

I filled her in on the possibility of Obolensky possessing time travel, and she suggested doing a tachyon scan. Unfortunately, due to the presence of devices known as Reality Enforcers, this was not possible, so she then suggested a search of the doctor's lair. So, for a third time, I paid him a visit. However, he was not home, but nor was there any sign of the time machine. I wisely voiced that we should leave before the doctor or his minions returned...however instead of returning using the passage we had taken to get to the observatory, she and Chris blundered out the front door, almost right into Kuroe! Though I don't think he bought her story about being shipwrecked, if only because of my presence, we did manage to get out of there unscathed, and I had K9 bring the 85 to us so we could make a clean getaway. Aboard the 85, Ms. Knight agreed to help me try and find information on the missing time machine, whether it was recovered after the theft, if it was destroyed, or if it simply never worked. Until this has been known one way or the other, I cannot in good conscious leave it be.

Wrong Again?

Seems I really need to research before making conclusions. After subtly overhearing a conversation between her and General Kuroe (one of Olbolensky's minions) I had a talk myself with one Beq Janus, a reporter, and possible link to the resistance against the doctor. She informed me that he had been party to the theft of a time travel device of some kind earlier, so my suspicions about him using time travel to gather technology may be founded after all. Still, the evidence is rumor so far. I'll need to do some research into the events of the theft before I have any proof remotely worthy of alerting the council to.

Later, I again subtly listened in as she did a professional interview of the general for the newspaper she worked for, gaining a bit of history behind the takeover, though nothing useful on the current plans...other than they will be horrible. much as I would like to take an active part in overthrowing this dictator, I cannot act without cause on my part. My immediate plans are to seek out the resistance, as well as to research into the matter of the time machine theft.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Continued Investigations

I may have made a small error... I returned to New Babbage today only to walk right into a group of rather violent people who claimed to work for Doctor Olbolensky (Luckily the 85's perception filter was working so they didn't see it materialize). Also luckily, I was able to talk my way out of their plan to rob me, and thus was able to not only gain information, but even an invite back to the doctor's lair.

I didn't immediately follow, counting my good luck, but talking to several townspeople brought up suspicions, namely the Doctor's advanced age yet good health, as well as some advanced forms of technology. This of course gave rise to the possibility that Obolensky might possibly be a time lord himself, or at least have access to time travel. This in mind, I decided to take up the earlier offer to again visit the lair. A conversation with the henchmen in attendance didn't reveal anything more than I already knew. However the doctor himself arrived a while later, allowing me to interview him directly. Though I cannot be entirely sure how accurate his answers were, what he gave leave me to conclude, for the moment, that he is but a human, though a gifted one, or 'Spark' as some would call him.

Dr. Obolensky

However until I can be totally sure, I will continue to monitor the situation in New Babbage...and maybe even see if I can work against some of the doctor's plans. Subtly, of course.

In the Lair of Dr. Obolensky

While awaiting a new mission from the council...or at least a chance to make up with Ms Knight, I continue my explorations. Today took me to the Vernian Sea near Babbage where I found my way into the observatory of a fascinating mad scientist type named Obolensky. A fascinating man, if possibly 'evil' (in the normal human sense) to the core. However he seemed fairly intelligent, though does have a predisposition with death rays, mechanical soldiers, and dropping people in jellyfish tanks.

(I give him props for that one, as I imagine that would be a particularly painful way to die.)

I attempted to help him with his clockwork guards, but alas, even a sonic device can only do so much. Also in attendance was a rather strange couple. A rather striking woman...with a voice like a Brooklyn bouncer, and a man dressed as what appeared to be a moth or butterfly. Very strange, if still fascinating.

On an added note, this apparently was not their first encounter with a time lord, as use of my sonic pen gave me away to them. Though I can hardly blame the fellow members of my race. The technology in places such as these is simply fascinating, primitive, yet innovative all at once. Is it any wonder that we Time Lords pass through the area often?

However the doctor was forced to cut our visit short as he had an appointment elsewhere, so I took my leave and proceeded to explore the underwater tunnels that had led me there in the first place. Aside from the doctor's underwater submersible dock and sitting room, there was a small underwater lounge (or possibly a residence, though I was unable to ask as no one was home), as well as a small art gallery. However several of the tunnels were incomplete or damaged, thus there was not much else. Afterwards I took a browse through several shops on the surface before departing to attend a small function in the Steelhead region.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friends and Enemies.

Well...I suppose that could have gone better.

...And I suppose I'd better start at the beginning again.

A week or so ago, Ms. Knight, myself, and one of her companions visited Vahlkri, site of what will eventually be the new Dalek base of operation. Well, I say it like we went together, but really I followed her after she informed me she was going to make sure she didn't get in over her head. Luckily for us, the complex was unoccupied at the for an Emporer Dalek in stasis.

As bad as discovering a Dalek presence in the dimension seems to have more of a negative effect on Ms. Knight. She seems to have become obsessed with destroying the Daleks, and this new base specifically, regardless of the possible consequences. She refuses to see that an all out attack, no matter how total, would more than likely reignite the time war. Despite the fact that the council has been monitoring the situation, we do not know what the Dalek's forces are. The base we examined was empty, saying to me that the Daleks are elsewhere while they wait for it to be finished...where and how many, those are the unknown, and key factors.

...I admit that I didn't help matters by comparing her to a Dalek (though at the time she WAS sounding scarily like one of them.) Needless to say our...'discussion' went downhill from there, but was interrupted when the 85 suddenly decided to make a hard landing on New Gallifrey itself. Surprisingly enough, there we encountered Shalmendo Glineux, a...construct and servant of the old Gallifrey council, and current owner and keeper of the experimental 150. However, due to his nature, Shal has been reluctant to even visit New Gallifrey, in fear that he would once more become a slave of Time Lords, something Ms. Knight and I repeatedly tried to assure him would not happen, so it was a bit of a surprise to see him. We also encountered Cardinal Mechagliel of the Patrexean chapter.

Shal and I left ms. Knight to once again ask for an attack on the Daleks while we went to see to repairs to the 85...which turned out not to need any, tricky thing. Afterwords, I had a small talk with the Cardinal about my concerns for Ms Knight before we all went seperate ways, though I had to...order Shal to leave before he started tounge washing boots...

In other news, I'm nearly finished with the K-9 unit, with the exception of some minor testing, so it will be places in the console room soon.

A Brief Tour

I realize that I haven't given the 85 a good introduction beyond mentioning it, so allow me to provide a brief tour of my humble ship.

My console is a variation on the Rotor style 'desktop,' done in rosewood instead of white metal, with a wood slat floor. As a smaller ship, the 85's console is designed for 4 instead of the usual 6. However even alone, the 85 has enough intelligence to more than make up for a single person crew. I have most of the extra features installed, including a flight computer, randomizer circuit, and a pagoda escape system. I've also added an isomorphic lock to the controls, and upgraded the cloister bell system to include visual alerts as well as the audible one.

The first room outside the console room is the library. While not as large as some other TARDISes, its still well stocked with various titles from earth literature, though I'd be careful with the one titled Myst, as it may have interdimensional properties.

Just off the library is my bedroom. A simple affair, but I'm also still decorating.

Taking the elevator further inside, our next stop is my workshop. It also functions as a telehub as the stargate and transmat system are also located down here. As mentioned, the secondary time rotor behind the gate allows it to be used even when in flight and without constant recalibration. Along the right side of the room is my workbench and other equipment. I'm currently constructing a K-9 unit as well as several other devices. A sonic shower is nearby for quick decontamination after returning from explorations, or just in case I get all sooty when something explodes.

R2-Z5 is a maintenance unit I picked up in my travels and has proven a cheery, reliable assistant in my inventing. It also helps that he has a built in fire extinguisher.
Finally, the 'heart' (not litterally, as that would be the Eye of Harmony) of the 85: the Infinity Chamber.
To put it in simpler terms, its what most would call a stellar cartography lab. However it is much more than that. The Infinity Chamber is a room that can project a pandimensional hologram of a galaxy or the entire Universe at any point in its history. The Chamber on a TARDIS is limited in resolution to picking up the orbits of planets. The complex neural net that makes a segment of a TARDIS's Fuzzy Logic Circuitry (aka Intuition Circuit) is connected to this chamber. This neural net is capable of locating time rifts and (by comparing recorded data to information collected by the Scanner, can detect major changes to history. A smaller relay console can be found here that allows the operator to pilot the TARDIS.
Unfortunatly, many of these capabilities are still unavailible, but it still serves as a direct access to the main database, as well as my own personal logs.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this small look at the type 85 TARDIS. I'm still working on some things, so I'll probably mention futher features that I've added in future entries.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Up And Running

Recently, with the aid of Ms. Knight, a Prydonian time lord and friend, and some of her companions, I have mostly finished repairs to the 85. Though some minor details remain, I am sure I will be able to finish them in time.

Most importantly, the Infinity Chamber was restored to functional status, allowing me to start recording my logs again, though I discovered my pre-war entries had been corrupted or lost. Luckily, my exploration database was intact. Though it serves as a grim reminder to all that was lost, either due to the war or simply because of our exile into this world, I am gratified to know that the records survived.

Among the new additions I have added during the regeneration, I installed a stargate device. Initially I had difficulties with it, as the gate was unable to function properly while the 85 was in flight, and required recalibration before use even once I landed. However, I was able to overcome these difficulties by connecting the gate to a spare time rotor, stabilizing its point of well as tying it into the 85's power directly. Additionally, with the help of R2-Z5, a robotic maintenance unit I picked up at a shop owned by one Citizen D, I have begun constructing a watchdog for the console room. Literally. I discovered the schematics for this K9 unit while reviewing some of my records for damage. Its capabilities are impressive, so I am sure it will be as an effective means of defense of the main entrance as the stargate's shield system is for it.

Begin Log - A Brief Recap

Testing testing? Ah good, that fixes that...

Hmm...well since it seems all my personal logs were damaged or lost when the Infinity Chamber was damaged during the crossing, I suppose I'll have to start from scratch. Where to begin...

Well, to start, my name is Lans Starsider.

I'm what you would some beings would know as a Time Lord, though I barely look it anymore... I used to be...a scout or explorer from the planet Galifrey, charting the Galaxy in my vehicle and home: a Type 85 TARDIS. A TARDIS is...well I suppose in simplest terms, it is a space/time capsule, capable of traveling through space and time. The TYPE 85 was designed primarily for long term, one man exploration missions, a mission profile I relished.

Then came the war... It was a time war, fought over control of the timelines themselves, against a race of evil mutant creatures known as Daleks. Knowing what they were, I unhestiantly joined in the fight against least a first. But then things escalated, costing untold lives, and it was then that I saw how far the council would go in the name of victory...

So...I fled. At great risk I used my TARDIS to break through the dimensional barriers into this world, causing sever damage to it. Then in a further effort to hide, I triggered my own first actually, using a device known as a chameleon arch to...tamper with the process, introducing non-timelord DNA patterns into the process, thus taking on the form I have now.

For a while, I maintained a low profile, exploring this new world. I found several locations where I was able to refuel the 85, allowing it to start its own regeneration and begin repairs. However, I soon found that I was not the only Time Lord or Gallifreyan to survive. I also discovered that Gallifrey, as well as any others of our race who had not fled or otherwise come here...had been destroyed. The guilt of this news...though I feel I did the right thing, I can't help but wonder if it would have made some sort of difference...

In any case, I soon discovered that a new Panopticon had been constructed...on a New Gallifrey, and that a new Time Lord council was being formed. Though having seen the ugly side of the original council, I am aware that these are not the same people, thus I am inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt for now. Thus I have joined the new House Dromeian, a house whose members, timelord or no, have forms similar to myself. Despite any misgivings I may have, it is a pleasant feeling to be a part of Gallifreyan civilization once more, changed though it may be.