Monday, June 22, 2009

Missing Machine, Present Luck

My search for the missing time machine continues, though thus far has been mostly fruitless. A the library records were not easy to look through, as attempting to search for articles about a time machine only seemed to lead to an article about the presentation of one in the Aethernautical Society building, but a check there revealed nothing. On my way back to where I had left the 85 when I ran into Ms. Knight and her companion Chris Farina.

We had a...tense exchange of words before she continued on, and things might have ended there had Mr. Merrik, one of Obolensky's minions, not been following them. Concerned, I followed HIM, until I was accidental spotted. We had a tense standoff of Sonic blaster vs. projectile pistol for a while, before Ms. Knight showed up again. Talking our way out of that, we compared notes. It seemed she had attracted the attention of Mr. Merrik by asking questions about the current regime change.

I filled her in on the possibility of Obolensky possessing time travel, and she suggested doing a tachyon scan. Unfortunately, due to the presence of devices known as Reality Enforcers, this was not possible, so she then suggested a search of the doctor's lair. So, for a third time, I paid him a visit. However, he was not home, but nor was there any sign of the time machine. I wisely voiced that we should leave before the doctor or his minions returned...however instead of returning using the passage we had taken to get to the observatory, she and Chris blundered out the front door, almost right into Kuroe! Though I don't think he bought her story about being shipwrecked, if only because of my presence, we did manage to get out of there unscathed, and I had K9 bring the 85 to us so we could make a clean getaway. Aboard the 85, Ms. Knight agreed to help me try and find information on the missing time machine, whether it was recovered after the theft, if it was destroyed, or if it simply never worked. Until this has been known one way or the other, I cannot in good conscious leave it be.

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