Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ah well...

Mr. Merricks did indeed turn out to be the source I'd hoped, however he informed me that the time machine had been stolen from the Doctor during the theft, and had not been seen since. (He also alluded to the belief that time trave was a false science...hmph). Thus this pretty much concludes my investigation. Obolensky desn't posess time travel, thus could not have used it to aid in his current conquest.

However, I believe I will stick around to monitor events in New Babbage, if only to be sure Ms. Knight doesn't do anything too overt... Plus, I've always prefered watching history unfold at a normal pace, instead of jumping forward and back through it with the 85. Though I might not get the complete picture, at least its more fun not knowing what happens.

In other events, I took the liberty of purchasing a suit from one of the many fine shops in the city, as the jacket and shit that were part of it went smashingly with my waistcoat and scarf. Here I am showing of its smashingness next to one of the many Smashy clank guards.

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