Monday, June 22, 2009

Wrong Again?

Seems I really need to research before making conclusions. After subtly overhearing a conversation between her and General Kuroe (one of Olbolensky's minions) I had a talk myself with one Beq Janus, a reporter, and possible link to the resistance against the doctor. She informed me that he had been party to the theft of a time travel device of some kind earlier, so my suspicions about him using time travel to gather technology may be founded after all. Still, the evidence is rumor so far. I'll need to do some research into the events of the theft before I have any proof remotely worthy of alerting the council to.

Later, I again subtly listened in as she did a professional interview of the general for the newspaper she worked for, gaining a bit of history behind the takeover, though nothing useful on the current plans...other than they will be horrible. much as I would like to take an active part in overthrowing this dictator, I cannot act without cause on my part. My immediate plans are to seek out the resistance, as well as to research into the matter of the time machine theft.

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