Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Up And Running

Recently, with the aid of Ms. Knight, a Prydonian time lord and friend, and some of her companions, I have mostly finished repairs to the 85. Though some minor details remain, I am sure I will be able to finish them in time.

Most importantly, the Infinity Chamber was restored to functional status, allowing me to start recording my logs again, though I discovered my pre-war entries had been corrupted or lost. Luckily, my exploration database was intact. Though it serves as a grim reminder to all that was lost, either due to the war or simply because of our exile into this world, I am gratified to know that the records survived.

Among the new additions I have added during the regeneration, I installed a stargate device. Initially I had difficulties with it, as the gate was unable to function properly while the 85 was in flight, and required recalibration before use even once I landed. However, I was able to overcome these difficulties by connecting the gate to a spare time rotor, stabilizing its point of well as tying it into the 85's power directly. Additionally, with the help of R2-Z5, a robotic maintenance unit I picked up at a shop owned by one Citizen D, I have begun constructing a watchdog for the console room. Literally. I discovered the schematics for this K9 unit while reviewing some of my records for damage. Its capabilities are impressive, so I am sure it will be as an effective means of defense of the main entrance as the stargate's shield system is for it.

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