Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Brief Tour

I realize that I haven't given the 85 a good introduction beyond mentioning it, so allow me to provide a brief tour of my humble ship.

My console is a variation on the Rotor style 'desktop,' done in rosewood instead of white metal, with a wood slat floor. As a smaller ship, the 85's console is designed for 4 instead of the usual 6. However even alone, the 85 has enough intelligence to more than make up for a single person crew. I have most of the extra features installed, including a flight computer, randomizer circuit, and a pagoda escape system. I've also added an isomorphic lock to the controls, and upgraded the cloister bell system to include visual alerts as well as the audible one.

The first room outside the console room is the library. While not as large as some other TARDISes, its still well stocked with various titles from earth literature, though I'd be careful with the one titled Myst, as it may have interdimensional properties.

Just off the library is my bedroom. A simple affair, but I'm also still decorating.

Taking the elevator further inside, our next stop is my workshop. It also functions as a telehub as the stargate and transmat system are also located down here. As mentioned, the secondary time rotor behind the gate allows it to be used even when in flight and without constant recalibration. Along the right side of the room is my workbench and other equipment. I'm currently constructing a K-9 unit as well as several other devices. A sonic shower is nearby for quick decontamination after returning from explorations, or just in case I get all sooty when something explodes.

R2-Z5 is a maintenance unit I picked up in my travels and has proven a cheery, reliable assistant in my inventing. It also helps that he has a built in fire extinguisher.
Finally, the 'heart' (not litterally, as that would be the Eye of Harmony) of the 85: the Infinity Chamber.
To put it in simpler terms, its what most would call a stellar cartography lab. However it is much more than that. The Infinity Chamber is a room that can project a pandimensional hologram of a galaxy or the entire Universe at any point in its history. The Chamber on a TARDIS is limited in resolution to picking up the orbits of planets. The complex neural net that makes a segment of a TARDIS's Fuzzy Logic Circuitry (aka Intuition Circuit) is connected to this chamber. This neural net is capable of locating time rifts and (by comparing recorded data to information collected by the Scanner, can detect major changes to history. A smaller relay console can be found here that allows the operator to pilot the TARDIS.
Unfortunatly, many of these capabilities are still unavailible, but it still serves as a direct access to the main database, as well as my own personal logs.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this small look at the type 85 TARDIS. I'm still working on some things, so I'll probably mention futher features that I've added in future entries.

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