Sunday, June 21, 2009

In the Lair of Dr. Obolensky

While awaiting a new mission from the council...or at least a chance to make up with Ms Knight, I continue my explorations. Today took me to the Vernian Sea near Babbage where I found my way into the observatory of a fascinating mad scientist type named Obolensky. A fascinating man, if possibly 'evil' (in the normal human sense) to the core. However he seemed fairly intelligent, though does have a predisposition with death rays, mechanical soldiers, and dropping people in jellyfish tanks.

(I give him props for that one, as I imagine that would be a particularly painful way to die.)

I attempted to help him with his clockwork guards, but alas, even a sonic device can only do so much. Also in attendance was a rather strange couple. A rather striking woman...with a voice like a Brooklyn bouncer, and a man dressed as what appeared to be a moth or butterfly. Very strange, if still fascinating.

On an added note, this apparently was not their first encounter with a time lord, as use of my sonic pen gave me away to them. Though I can hardly blame the fellow members of my race. The technology in places such as these is simply fascinating, primitive, yet innovative all at once. Is it any wonder that we Time Lords pass through the area often?

However the doctor was forced to cut our visit short as he had an appointment elsewhere, so I took my leave and proceeded to explore the underwater tunnels that had led me there in the first place. Aside from the doctor's underwater submersible dock and sitting room, there was a small underwater lounge (or possibly a residence, though I was unable to ask as no one was home), as well as a small art gallery. However several of the tunnels were incomplete or damaged, thus there was not much else. Afterwards I took a browse through several shops on the surface before departing to attend a small function in the Steelhead region.

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