Saturday, June 27, 2009

Events Heat Up In New Babbage

Well, that was certainly interesting... The remains of the militia gathered today and made a strike against the captured headquarters building, retaking it and nearly capturing Ashiko Kuroe in the process.

Captain Kuroe
Unfortunatly, it seems he was able to take a hostage, and he and his associates fled aboard an airship to city hall. I myself arrived just prior to the attack, and unfortunatly so did Doctor O's right hand man, Mr. Merricks. Merricks was knocked unconcious only, luckily. I decided to make sure he was spared by helping him out of the area, and over to city hall, ironically. There we met up with Kuroe, who announced his intentions to return to Armada Breakaway and abandon New Babbage for now. On their way out of the city's waters, I assume they dropped off Mr Merricks back at the doctor's obervatory.
I was questioned by pursuing members of the militia, however they identified me as neutral and sent me on my way. Curious to how things would fare for the Obolensky forces, however, I used the underwater tunnels to return to the Doctor's lair, once again running into Mr. Merricks and a couple of the doctor's other associates. Though it appears that though the resistance has managed to retake about 2/3rds of the city, Obolensky's naval admiral is bringing in a fleet that could mean a possible quick end to the uprising...

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