Sunday, June 21, 2009

Continued Investigations

I may have made a small error... I returned to New Babbage today only to walk right into a group of rather violent people who claimed to work for Doctor Olbolensky (Luckily the 85's perception filter was working so they didn't see it materialize). Also luckily, I was able to talk my way out of their plan to rob me, and thus was able to not only gain information, but even an invite back to the doctor's lair.

I didn't immediately follow, counting my good luck, but talking to several townspeople brought up suspicions, namely the Doctor's advanced age yet good health, as well as some advanced forms of technology. This of course gave rise to the possibility that Obolensky might possibly be a time lord himself, or at least have access to time travel. This in mind, I decided to take up the earlier offer to again visit the lair. A conversation with the henchmen in attendance didn't reveal anything more than I already knew. However the doctor himself arrived a while later, allowing me to interview him directly. Though I cannot be entirely sure how accurate his answers were, what he gave leave me to conclude, for the moment, that he is but a human, though a gifted one, or 'Spark' as some would call him.

Dr. Obolensky

However until I can be totally sure, I will continue to monitor the situation in New Babbage...and maybe even see if I can work against some of the doctor's plans. Subtly, of course.

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