Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friends and Enemies.

Well...I suppose that could have gone better.

...And I suppose I'd better start at the beginning again.

A week or so ago, Ms. Knight, myself, and one of her companions visited Vahlkri, site of what will eventually be the new Dalek base of operation. Well, I say it like we went together, but really I followed her after she informed me she was going to make sure she didn't get in over her head. Luckily for us, the complex was unoccupied at the for an Emporer Dalek in stasis.

As bad as discovering a Dalek presence in the dimension seems to have more of a negative effect on Ms. Knight. She seems to have become obsessed with destroying the Daleks, and this new base specifically, regardless of the possible consequences. She refuses to see that an all out attack, no matter how total, would more than likely reignite the time war. Despite the fact that the council has been monitoring the situation, we do not know what the Dalek's forces are. The base we examined was empty, saying to me that the Daleks are elsewhere while they wait for it to be finished...where and how many, those are the unknown, and key factors.

...I admit that I didn't help matters by comparing her to a Dalek (though at the time she WAS sounding scarily like one of them.) Needless to say our...'discussion' went downhill from there, but was interrupted when the 85 suddenly decided to make a hard landing on New Gallifrey itself. Surprisingly enough, there we encountered Shalmendo Glineux, a...construct and servant of the old Gallifrey council, and current owner and keeper of the experimental 150. However, due to his nature, Shal has been reluctant to even visit New Gallifrey, in fear that he would once more become a slave of Time Lords, something Ms. Knight and I repeatedly tried to assure him would not happen, so it was a bit of a surprise to see him. We also encountered Cardinal Mechagliel of the Patrexean chapter.

Shal and I left ms. Knight to once again ask for an attack on the Daleks while we went to see to repairs to the 85...which turned out not to need any, tricky thing. Afterwords, I had a small talk with the Cardinal about my concerns for Ms Knight before we all went seperate ways, though I had to...order Shal to leave before he started tounge washing boots...

In other news, I'm nearly finished with the K-9 unit, with the exception of some minor testing, so it will be places in the console room soon.

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