Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Close Call

Victor Really needs to keep up with his pest prevention...

Anyhow, I'd popped into Zenobia for a drink as I do on occasion, and on my way out, I'm waiting for the stargate dialing sequence when what 'steps' (and I use that term metaphorically considering) out of the transmat behind me but a bloody Dalek! Luckily I was able to duck behind the gate just as it opened so I could use it as a shield against extermination and then quickly duck through it.

Victor said not to worry about it when I contacted him, but I hope this doesn't mean some kind of resurgence in the Dalek threat...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An Odd Occurance

It happened a few weeks ago, I haven't reported it until now because I wanted to eliminate other possibilities.

As I was saying...a few weeks ago, I was on approach to another visit to New Babbage, when out of no where the 85 seemed to lose power, and then it came back on at near overload levels, sending me, fully materialized, into a dive straight for the bottom of the Vernian! Luckily, the surge ended quickly and I was able to do a quick reset to prevent catastrophe. I set down at Fullarton House and performed a full system check. ...According to the readouts, the 85 briefly recieved power from TWO sources. Since I don't believe there's any way it could have been linked to the eye on Zenobia, and since the one it is linked to, on New Gallifrey, is the only other eye that I know of in this dimension, and no power source I have on board or that was in the area could match that of an eye...the only conclusion is that it somehow re-established its link to the original eye on old Gallifrey, if only for a moment.

Needless to say the implications of this are worrying. I hope there will be a council meeting announced soon so that I can find out more about what this may mean.