Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Begin Log - A Brief Recap

Testing testing? Ah good, that fixes that...

Hmm...well since it seems all my personal logs were damaged or lost when the Infinity Chamber was damaged during the crossing, I suppose I'll have to start from scratch. Where to begin...

Well, to start, my name is Lans Starsider.

I'm what you would some beings would know as a Time Lord, though I barely look it anymore... I used to be...a scout or explorer from the planet Galifrey, charting the Galaxy in my vehicle and home: a Type 85 TARDIS. A TARDIS is...well I suppose in simplest terms, it is a space/time capsule, capable of traveling through space and time. The TYPE 85 was designed primarily for long term, one man exploration missions, a mission profile I relished.

Then came the war... It was a time war, fought over control of the timelines themselves, against a race of evil mutant creatures known as Daleks. Knowing what they were, I unhestiantly joined in the fight against least a first. But then things escalated, costing untold lives, and it was then that I saw how far the council would go in the name of victory...

So...I fled. At great risk I used my TARDIS to break through the dimensional barriers into this world, causing sever damage to it. Then in a further effort to hide, I triggered my own first actually, using a device known as a chameleon arch to...tamper with the process, introducing non-timelord DNA patterns into the process, thus taking on the form I have now.

For a while, I maintained a low profile, exploring this new world. I found several locations where I was able to refuel the 85, allowing it to start its own regeneration and begin repairs. However, I soon found that I was not the only Time Lord or Gallifreyan to survive. I also discovered that Gallifrey, as well as any others of our race who had not fled or otherwise come here...had been destroyed. The guilt of this news...though I feel I did the right thing, I can't help but wonder if it would have made some sort of difference...

In any case, I soon discovered that a new Panopticon had been constructed...on a New Gallifrey, and that a new Time Lord council was being formed. Though having seen the ugly side of the original council, I am aware that these are not the same people, thus I am inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt for now. Thus I have joined the new House Dromeian, a house whose members, timelord or no, have forms similar to myself. Despite any misgivings I may have, it is a pleasant feeling to be a part of Gallifreyan civilization once more, changed though it may be.

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