Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catching Up After a Snag

Well, been a while since I last entered a log hasn't it? Yes, well, unfortunately I've been rather busy due to a malfunction, or really rather a quirk, in the stargate I installed in the 85.

You see, I'd decided to pay a visit to a space station I used to visit, only to find that it had been recently destroyed when the system its was in suffered a supernova. Unfortunately...I had no way of knowing and by the time I had used my gate to dial into the nearby space gate, the star had collapsed into a black hole. Luckily, I was able to compensate for the potentially disastrous consequences of connecting to such a gate, but unfortunately was initially unable to disengage my gate. This resulted in the wormhole 'tethering' the 85, leaving me suspended in the vortex 'near' those space/time coordinates. Luckily I was able to eventually break the connection, but it took me a while to rig up the appropriate device to generate the energy required. I am also happy to report that I later learned that the station's residents escaped prior to the disaster and are planning to rebuild elsewhere.

One free I made a stopover at the Cardiff reproduction to catch my breath and update my information. It seems the situation with the Daleks may be coming to a head. Another development is it seems that Councilor Mornington's created a new location that seems to double as a location he can work...away from prying eyes. I really should reinforce my support for him the next time we meet. Though I'm not sure about his pro-C.I.A. tendencies, I do support his criticism of the council's policies, and would like to help his acitivities, since my own house seems to be sloth in any activity whatsoever...

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