Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dark Tidings

I was able to attend the meeting of the New Gallifrey council today, only to learn some grave tidings. For starters, our Lady President and daughter of Gallifrey, Sen Pixie, is apparently considered dead, lost activating the Eye of harmony beneath the Panopticon by installing a new singularity power source. turns out that the situation with the Daleks is even worse than I feared... Apparently they have somehow breached security on Zenobia station and gained eye technology for themselves. To top that, they have begun installing eyes in a new class of saucer ship. While not as powerful as true eyes, the ability to equip them to their ships, and indeed even having them at ALL is a dire bit of news. And for finals, they have already apparently been launching attacks, or at least incursions, into several areas on the grid, including New Babbage! How the heck did I miss THAT? Granted it could have happened while I was fouled up by that black hole but still...

The renegades composing the new House Scendles reared their heads, or at least head, as well. Their 'Cardinal' a being known as The Jinn, showed up early on, demanding his seat on the council and practically demanding the presidency itself! Of all the nerve... And his general rudeness to just about everyone there, especially Ms. Lightfoot, nearly had some of us about to test what effect a sonic device on maximum could do to an organic brain... Still, under our own rules, we were forced to acknowledge his seat, and his candidacy for President, though given that both Cardinal Gears and Castellan Solis are running against him...and the fact that just about all the Cardinals present seemed to...dislike him, I doubt his chances.

On a more positive note, the council agreed almost unianimously on the ratification of the new laws of time (ALMOST unanimously because shortly after demanding his seat, The Jinn left, thus abstaining on his vote by default. Heh). Also a more formal alliance with the Timeforce 10 was discussed and agreed upon by those members of that organization present. However Counciler Mornington still wishes to vote on the possible reformation of the CIA at the next meeting. Given recent events, I plan to put my support behind this, even if I have no actual voting power. Something must be done about the Daleks before this erupts into another Time War...

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