Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Office Space

With the recent end to current events in New Babbage, I took the time to finally address a part of the 85 that had been bugging me...namely the large empty space in the other half of my bedroom. I decided to convert it into a small office space, and thus made a quick stop to this nice furniture store I spotted during my explorations of Caledon to pick up a few items. While the result still seems a little...spacey, I think it came out quite nice. Plus...I now have a little space to store some of the nick knacks and other items I seem to accumulate during my travels.

On another note, I took the time to review some of the public logs of my fellow time lords, and I also share Councilor Mornington's concerns about the growning Dalek threat. ...I haven't yet talked to Ms. Knight about my concerns, given the result of our last conversation about the Daleks, but I suppose I should let her know about the developments.

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